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September 10, 2012
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Chrysalis Nightmare by slifertheskydragon Chrysalis Nightmare by slifertheskydragon
edit: developed nightmare moon more

edit: Thank you EQD for featuring! <3 8u8 [link]

Another digital painting practice, I had this battle idea in my mind for a while, you can see the sketches I did before:

I originally wanted them to lock horns but after doing that, I felt like Nightmare moon was blocking too much of chrysalis in that way, so I have them more separated and I also made chrysalis more threatening like she's about to smack down nightmare moon xD

I decided to give them both my own interpretation/spin in design.

Most of my watchers will know I draw nightmare moon more... "feral" with a bit of the "Glasgow smile" (see
I feel like it gives her a more "psychotic evil" appearance. I also like to mix the bat wing with bird wing since in the show her wing is shown to end in a point instead of feathers like Celestia. She's kinda farting out the night behind her... (lol)

As for Queen Chrysalis, her design is actually inspired by the Tyranids from Warhammer 40K. She was originally more of a dark green and actually her "nails" were white instead of the same color as her carapace, which I changed later since the white caused too much attention and contrast. I'm not really sure how to do her hair since in the show it seemed like it was a kind of "webbing"? but the holes in her legs I made them just holes in her exoskeleton so that you can see the sinews/muscle underneath.

And yeah instead of horns clashing they're having a good ol' laser show battle.

(oh wow sorry that was hella long for a description xD)

Tools: Pencil/Wacom Bamboo/Paintool SAI/Photoshop/4+hours
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"We have one thing in common at least Nightmare Moon, we both despise being trivialized, we both feel nothing but fury at the idea we can be simply brushed aside."
True, but there is one crucial difference between you and I, Chrysalis: you actually can be easily brushed aside."
It's the ultimate showdown over who gets to be the queen of all evil.
Smoki8 Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
*hides in corner*
"Whoever wins, we lose."
Wow. That's creepy.
Pinkamena-Diane Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
who would win i think nightmare would
Depends on whether Chrysalis is charged with love or not. NMM is implied to be Celestia's equal while Chrysalis is implied to be Celestia's inferior(without being charged). If Chrysalis is charged then NMM gets one shotted. If Chrysalis is not charged then NMM breaks Chrysalis like a bug.
The reason Celestia lost was likely a World of Cardboard thing.
She could not go all out in the middle of Canterlot.
Even Chrysalis did not expect to win the fight, she was just buying time for her troops.
Celestia's face damn well indicates she was trying her best. As for going all out, that wouldn't be a problem. We saw from the Nightmare Moon battle that minor structural damage is the most the Princesses can do

Chrysalis hadn't fully finished feeding off Shining Armor either. She was being cautious so that if they fought, she could over-power Celestia with ease.

Anyway, when Nightmare Moon shot Celestia, Celestia was stunned for a few moments but got up rather quickly. When Chrysalis shot Celestia, Celestia can't even move anymore and is knocked out
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